City furniture

Reinventing your public spaces

Street furniture reinvents public spaces by adding a touch of modernity and architectural elegance. They embellish the front of public buildings, fences, bus stops and public squares. On, discover a wide range of design furniture dedicated to urban development. They are used in parks, gardens, in front of the entrance hall of buildings, on roadways and many other purposes.


Collective projects and urban development

Urban planning and projects play an important role in the development of cities. Prior to their implementation, local and regional authorities carry out estimates and projections of tailor-made works.

Educational institutions

Construction of new elementary, middle schools, universities, rehabilitation of schools, high schools, documentation centres and public libraries.

Hospitals and medical centres

Construction of more medical centres, polyclinics, maternity wards and hospitals in the departments, towns and regions to meet the needs of the population regarding health.


Modern structures, impressive and immersive building works.

Architecture contemporaine

Freedom of form, colour and size in the age of architectural evolution.

Décoration thématique

The art of decorating, maintaining rooms, public spaces and offices according to themes.


A wide choice between wood joinery, aluminium joinery and PVC joinery.

Dwellings and houses to be built

The construction specialists draw up various architectural and technical plans according to the type of property required. The house plan can be customised according to your needs.

Maisons individuelles

Individual houses

Construction of independent houses with or without floors in different architectural styles.

Logements collectifs

Collective housing

Construction of collective housing/buildings with private and common areas.

Maisons Jumelées

Semi-detached houses

Design of perfectly identical neighbouring houses, often semi-detached dwellings.

Interior designer

A profession that is both technical and creative

The interior designer is a true craftsman of the building industry, and is responsible for the layout of interior spaces from top to bottom. He works on the composition of volumes, materials, shapes, shades of colour and luminosity to embellish the rooms in his own way. Both technical and creative, his work also concerns the design of offices and professional spaces.


Restoration of old buildings


Renovating and restoring according to the rules of the art

The renovation of old buildings often requires numerous technical and specific interventions to reinforce their structures, improve their insulation and modernise their architecture in order to give them a second life. All operations must be carried out in a professional manner.

Restoring old buildings and structures can involve both structural and finishing work. Firstly, the renovation work aims to strengthen the frameworks and structures that support the whole building. Then comes the actual renovation work, such as the restoration of the facades, the change of coverings, plumbing, sanitary facilities, the laying of parquet flooring, the installation of fences, windows and glazing. In addition to these interventions, there is also the insulation work, which consists of installing soundproofing in the attic, low floors, and the installation of a soundproofing system for partitions.

Unique atmospheres

Styles and types of atmosphere

Une ambiance a l anglaise

An English atmosphere

At the core of the decoration is a pure, chic, natural, simple, romantic and elegant atmosphere with a muted touch.

Une touche industrielle

An industrial touch

The modernism of industrial touches applied to the interior design of halls and offices.


Colour palettes

Paints for a fashionable building

The colour combinations chosen for the facades, partitions and interior walls of a building partly determine its style and design. Fashionable paints are everywhere, leaving the best impressions.

Les classiques

The classics: acrylics
and vinyls

The first choice for painting surfaces and coatings with water.

La peinture alkyde

Alkyd paint,
the mixed paint

The ideal soft paint, free of any chemical compounds.

Building materials:
current trends

The building materials market is following new trends in the construction sector. These are being used in new buildings, renovation and refurbishment projects.

The trend towards HTHT wood

High-temperature-treated wood is favoured for its increased resistance to the development of mould and fungi, its durability and its high level of aesthetics.

New generation concretes

Trends in concrete with a low ecological footprint, designed with sustainable, less polluting materials such as self-placing concrete, low-carbon concrete and pervious concrete.

Bio-based materials

Biosourced construction elements, made from animal tissues or plant fibres in order to favour natural resources and preserve the environment.